The project we worked through the semester starts from the research of the scale and condition of the current metro line in Jaipur, as well as the surrounding areas.The elevated metro line is a project done by the Jaipur Metro Railway Corporation. It was a huge investment and the structure was well-constructed. Compared to that, the surrounding areas are still facing the issue of lacking infrastructure and open public spaces. This proposal aims to transform the negative and unused spaces under the bridge into positive activated public spaces.

To transform the under over into a positive space, first through analyzing the surrounding distribution and service area of basic infrastructure in jaipur like the light water supply and public restroom surround the metro line. Jaipur is far below the optimal infrastructure. So basically our master plan envisioned the under bridge area as a supplement of the Jaipur infrastructure. and the strategy is based on three principles. improvement of the existing under-bridge facilities and the second is to increase the slow traffic system to connect the various resources of the city. The third is added sustainability infrastructure to mitigate reuse of storm water especially during the monsoon season.

Overall, the proposal is about making the space under the bridge public spaces, providing necessary facilities, and improving the quality of life. Beyond that, for such a huge structure within a dense area, buildings limited in height, it is almost the most recognizable structure and has the opportunity to provide a sense of belongingness to the habitants.