The Yamuna River Project (YRP)—founded at the University of Virginia in 2013 and a partnership between UVa and Tulane University School of Architecture since 2019—is pleased to have contributed to the adoption of a “blue-green” approach as the baseline ecological plan for Delhi 2041, as envisioned by the Delhi Development Authority. We are pleased as well to see that an urban ecology framework centered on the Yamuna’s role in the city fabric is now part of formal policy for the future of Delhi. As the Delhi Development Authority noted, “Delhi’s history and cultural ethos is closely linked with the Yamuna.” As such, the river and its tributaries represent a unique opportunity for a network of ecological “slow mobility” public spaces linking every neighborhood in the city. We are pleased as well that affordable housing, another major YRP recommendation, has been announced as a key driver of the Master Plan. Full articles can be read here: