Project Statement:

This project aims to revitalize, and reconnect residents and tourists alike to one of Jaipur’s most iconic and historic bodies of water, Tal Katora. Centuries of rapid urbanization resulted in what once was a vibrant lake that hosted acquatic life and many visitors diminsted to an open dumping site for waste and a murky eyesore in central Jaipur. The surrounding residential buildings reflect Tal Katora’s tarnished state, devoid of any opportunity to engage with the surroundings and the natural beauty Jaipur has to offer. Through building modifications at the ground floor, units, and rooftops, restructure of the wastewater infrastructure, use of plant life for phytoremediation, and creation of a stepped public walkway, Tal Katora will be restored to its glory and serve as a place of gathering, relaxation, commerce, tourism, reflectionm and recreation for residents and visitors to foster a deeper connection and appreciation for the history, culture, and landscape of Jaipur.