Excerpt from YRP Book Review in the Journal of Landscape Architecture in India:

“… In A Vision for Delhi, the infrastructure study becomes part of a design brief to envision and conceptualize possibilities to counter related issues. Imagined in carefully identified specific sites, the proposals while imbibing diverse knowledge and awareness about the crucial urban aspects, conceptualize environmentally and socially relevant and sensitive places – sludge Remediation Park, water Remediation Park, sub-drain seasonal park, decentralizing waste infrastructure, landfill remediation, Biodiversity Park, social housing, hybrid infrastructure, neighbourhood amenities and heritage revitalization schemes.
Promoting the idea of social prosperity as equal to ecological stewardship, the riverfront is visualized as a vibrant public spaces network, with public access and addressing ecological and cultural needs of the city and its citizens. The City’s historic drains are imagined as a connected green public infrastructure while the need of a holistic approach is emphasized to re imagine them. Many of the concepts, impressively rendered, show directions of new possibilities of hope and change.
Yamuna River Project, New Delhi Urban Ecology is a unique collaboration between authorities and academia. By extending a branch of collaboration, it acknowledges and respects the forgotten role played by our government
authorities in managing these urban networks, while working at grass root levels on daily basis. It brings to the forefront, the expertise of professionals, who are able to identity relevant concerns, interlinked networks and visualize new contexts of better environments. Their effort is backedby interdisciplinary and research enabled by a vibrant academic environment. The book serves as a role model for undertaking many such studies, for exploring avenues of change, improvement and transformation of Indian cities which are at present grappling with serious environmental issues.”