This proposal uses the renewal of Tal Katora, Jaipur’s historic resevoir, as a vehicle to address the larger urban systems of solid waste, sewage, and stormwater management. Rapid urbanization over the course of the past three decades has caused the water conveyance systems of the reservoir to clog with solid waste, resulting in a polluted water body in the historic core of the city. A systems-based approach will be essential to the revitalization of Tal Katora: this proposal introduces strategically sited decentralized waste and sewage infrastructure in the neighborhoods surrounding the 14-acre site. A 5.5 acre park north of Tal Katora will be redesigned to include a composting hub and water filtration garden, which stormwater will be redirected through before being piped to Tal Katora. Circulation emphasizes the center line of the city that the site was designed around, renewing the strong linear connection to the historic core of the walled city. This design emphasizes the importance of process: both in the functionality of the system and of its experience by the public.