Winston Lung – Engineering
Water quality modeling in the Najafgarh Drain. Collaborating with Delhi Jal Board Engineers and Mriganka Saxena, Jal Board Planner.

Matt Reidenbach – Environmental Sciences
Hydrological model of the Supplementary Drain area. Collaborating with Mahesh Patel, PhD from IIT Guwahati, who specialized in Water Resources Engineering and Management.

Bala Mulloth – Batten, Social Entrepreneurship
Study of social entrepreneurship along the Yamuna’s banks.

Andrew Mondschein – Urban and Environmental Planning Eric Field – School of Architecture
Digital model of walkability in Delhi for areas adjacent to the Supplementary Drain.

Guoping Huang – Urban and Environmental Planning
Geographic information system (GIS) model for Delhi to analyze development and growth scenarios. Will analyze land use, transportation corridors, and ecology.

Pankaj Vir Gupta & Iñaki Alday – Architecture
Urban Design study of the 58km long Najafgarh Drain and the 7km long Supplementary Drain between Bhalswa landfill and the Yamuna.

Michael Allen – Religious Studies
Mapping spiritual sites along the Yamuna’s banks in Delhi  such as crematoriums, ghats, and pilgrimage sites.

Spencer Philips – Environmental Consultant
Systems model that studies greenhouse gas emissions in New Delhi. Will analyze how the Yamuna River Project contributes to emission mitigation, carbon sequestration, and a proposal for how to leverage Delhi’s ecological systems to adapt to climate change.

Abeer Saha – History, PhD candidate
Environmental history of Delhi.

Continued Scholarship

John Echeverri-Gent – Politics
Study of the governance structure of the Yamuna River  and floodplain. Seeking to expand research into the public-private partnerships governing sewage treatment plants in Delhi.

Dan Ehnbom – Art History
A study of the rich history of historical art centered on the cultural and religious significance of the Yamuna.

Projects in Exploratory Phase

Liz Rogawski – Public Health
Impact of sewage and pollution in public health.

Peter Debaere – Business Administration
Assessment of water pricing structures.