At 17 million, the current population has outgrown the existing infrastructure. By 2021 the population is expected to increase to 23 million.

The areas east of the Yamuna River and west along the Najafgarh Drain have the highest population density. This trend in density directly correlates to pollution of the water bodies. The average population density is 11,050 people/sq. km. in Delhi, in comparison to 2,050 people/sq. km. in New York City, or 3,550 people/sq. km. in Paris, France.

If every region in Delhi was scaled to have fair land area based on the 11,050 people/sq. km. average, we would see areas east of the Yamuna and West along the Najafgarh grow.

50% of households contain five or more members and 70% contain 4 or more members. JJ clusters are an example of the 76% of “substandard” housing built by the owner.