The Tilak Bridge, North of the Pragati Maidan Development represents a crucial mobility link between the Northern and Southern sections of New Delhi. The surrounding urban context, devoid of usable pedestrian access is currently a physical barrier, severing the existing heritage corridor. The Intermodal Housing Network seeks to link together the underutilized regional rail station and two metro stations, while also incorporating a new affordable housing development along the regional rail embankment. By creating a new residential hub interwoven with an intermodal station, a new node can be created, facilitating a branching-off point to the surrounding urban projects and the Yamuna River.

The project’s intent is to re-stitch the North and the South, while creating new pedestrian access from east to west in order to create a truly intermodal transport system at this critical juncture of infrastructure. In addition, Matura Road, one of the busiest secondary roads in the city will be reconfigured to include a new tramway system, filling in the gaps untouched by the metro system. This new cross-section will create not only more efficient vehicular travel but safer pedestrian and bicycle access throughout the city in order to allow for the reduction of car based travel. The Intermodal Housing Network represents a critical piece of the city’s rapidly developing, yet fragmented transport network that has the capacity to re-stich the cities highly dense urban fabric.

South elevation.

Residential typology.

Redistributed roadway.

Section, redistributed roadway.

Intermodal hubs.