11/05/2014 3 Pipes.

01/15/2015 Train bridge.

01/16/2015 Azad.

01/16/2015 Laundry.

01/25/2015 Panscheel pipe.

03/28/2015 Nallah Jnu construction.

04/01/2015 Sheikh Sarai, 2 boys.

04/01/2015 Sheikh Sarai, crossing the bridge.

04/04/2015 Frooti Mandir.

04/04/2015 Under Barapullah.

04/12/2015 Boy on pipe, Taimoor.

04/12/2015 River of trash, Taimoor.

04/15/2015 Down the nallah, Taimoor.

06/05/2015 Satpullah, downstream.

Randhir Singh is an architectural photographer based in New Delhi, India. He studied architecture at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in upstate New York, graduating with a Bachelor of Architecture and a Bachelor of Science in 1999. He moved to New York City and over the next 15 years, worked at a number of well respected award winning design firms. It was during this time that Randhir started to photograph professionally building on his many years of design experience. His background in architecture and design has been invaluable in understanding buildings and space.